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Madisonville Community College

We would be happy to have you join our Kentucky Coal Academy at Madisonville Community College (MCC), located at North Campus on College Drive, the college s primary location and home to the new Brown Badgett, Sr. Energy and Advanced Technology Center.

Located in western Kentucky s coalfields, MCC offers excellent training opportunities for those interested in the mining industry. Our staff and instructors have good relationships with western Kentucky s mining operations and are familiar with the skills needed to secure well-paying jobs.


Select certificates/degrees available 100% online, including: Mining Technology AAS Degree (Engineering Option or Supervisor Option) or Mining Technician I Certificate
Mine Emergency Response Academy (MERA)
Fire brigade training
An award-winning mine rescue team
Mine rescue station
Mine training simulator fleet
Customized training for employers


40-hour/24-hour Initial Basic Safety and Health Training
Annual Refresher Safety and Health Training
Mining Technology Associate in Applied Science


Our one-of-a-kind MERA mine rescue facility equips trainees with skills needed to react to and extinguish fires in confined spaces through intense training in an almost-real environment.


Mine Rescue Training for Non-Team Members (20 hours)
Fire Brigade Training Inexperienced (16 hours)
Fire Brigade Training Experienced (8 hours)
Command Center Training (4 hours)
Responsible Person Training (4 hours)


Although we hope no miner is ever in a situation where they must use emergency rescue skills, it is our duty to address safety concerns in all mining environments. Our highly trained and award-winning Mine Rescue Team, made up of individuals working in several western Kentucky area coal mines, often trains and competes to test their emergency preparedness. The team uses KCA s first-class facilities and applies their skills at a fully equipped mine rescue station located in Madisonville, within an hour s drive of each mine the team serves in western Kentucky.


First aid scenarios
Field search rescue
Equipment use
Fire suppression
Burn tunnel search and rescue

Kentucky Coal Academy Coordinators
Madisonville Community College

Mike Davenport, Director
2000 College Drive
Madisonville, Ky 42431
(270) 824-8661 (office)
(270) 871-8975 (cell)
(270) 824-1873 (fax)

Bart Allen, Instructor
2000 College Drive
Madisonville, Ky 42431
(270) 824-1996

Danny Knott, Mine Rescue Director
MERA, 150 School Avenue
Madisonville, Ky 42431
(270) 824-1774 (office)
(270) 871-0672 (cell)
(270) 824-1870 (fax)

Rick Caskey, Mine Fire Brigade
MERA, 150 School Avenue
Madisonville, Ky 42431
(270) 824-1732 (office)
(270) 871-2633 (cell)
(270) 824-1870 (fax)

To learn more, please visit Madisonville Community College.

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